Blue Mahoe Partners is a privately held investment firm founded by entrepreneurs with experience in real estate, financial services, private equity and hedge funds.


The best companies are not started by people who want to "be an entrepreneur." They are started by people who are knowledgable and passionate about a very specific problem, feel they can solve it, and then get busy solving it, often not caring that much about how large of a company they can build as a side effect. They certainly don't have "getting acquired" as their goal. - Michael Wolfe



Real Estate Unit

Our real estate investment unit manages capital for investors around the world and invests in the USA across different verticals and geographies with a focus on preserving capital while generating stable returns. We also advise funds based in the Caribbean with an eye on development financing. Our team primarily looks for co-investment opportunities with experience real estate investors and fund managers.

Alternative Assets Unit

We are long-term investors who subscribe to the Berkshire Hathaway ethos of finding wonderful opportunities at fair prices, backed by strong teams, with a wide moat, in industries we understand. Our carefully selected and managed portfolio focuses on generating solid risk-adjusted returns for our investors and strategic partners. Clients include pension funds and high net worth individuals, mainly athletes and entertainers.

Our structure allows us to invest in public equities in the Caribbean region, private equity and early-stage companies via different funds and subsidiaries.

Our experience as founders, owners, operators, partners and investors provides unique insight to our portfolio which is a significant benefit to management teams. Our network is deep and the reputations of our founders have proven extremely beneficial in fostering growth.